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COF STEMM Approved Pre-Majors/Majors

The Choose Ohio First (COF) scholarship program at Ohio State supports Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine (STEMM) disciplines. Some degrees require students declare a pre-major in their discipline when applying to the university. To move from the pre-major to the major, students must complete the required prerequisite course work at Ohio State and fill out the online application form provided by their department. Students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor to clarify questions about the transition from a pre-major to a major. Other students, upon admission to the university, can declare a major in their discipline.

Once in the COF scholarship program, students must remain in a COF approved pre-major/major to continue renewing the scholarship every academic year. In the event of a student changing pre-majors/majors, they are allowed to do so if the pre-major/major is listed under the program they were initially awarded. For more information regarding your COF scholarship status when changing majors, please contact ohse.@osu.edu.

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