Advancing an Inclusive Biotech Economy in Ohio: Current Students - Engineering

The Advancing an Inclusive Biotech Economy in Ohio (IBE) COF program, which is aligned with The Ohio State University institutional goals, is to develop students in STEM majors that integrate into the biotechnology sector of Ohio’s economy. IBE-Engineering provides a scholarship to incoming freshman studying a Bachelor's in Science (BS) in Biomedical Engineering, Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering. In Ohio, biotechnology companies represent a strong and growing sector. Due to its statewide economic development and system-wide educational initiatives, Ohio has attracted investment and operations from many major biotechnology and life science companies, particularly in the central area of the state. IBE-Engineering supports a diverse group of students in high demand Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine (STEMM) disciplines in the College of Engineering and the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) at The Ohio State University. The awards amount will be determined by the college and will be distributed equally across the Autumn and Spring semesters. 

Scholars must remain in one of the following STEMM approved majors by COF. 

Incoming freshmen and current COF scholars must be involved in the following activities during the semester. 

  • Complete 45 hours per semester of service (2-3 hours per week). 
  • Complete necessary COF paperwork (e.g., virtual forms, surveys, etc.).
  • Attend to welcome orientation at the beginning of each semester to discuss scholarship commitment, expectations, guidelines, among other topics. 
    • Attend to tutoring and mentoring sessions (if needed).
    • Attend to career development sessions hosted by Career Services.
    • Attend and participate in Co-op, Internship, and Research (CIR) sessions hosted by OHSE. 
    • Participate in outreach programs within the OHSE.
    • Freshmen and sophomore scholars are expected to join an outreach program and collaborate with university faculty, staff, or fellow COF scholars. 
    • Junior and senior year scholars are expected to focus on career development and interview for at least 5 CIR opportunities. 
    • Attend to the Annual COF Scholar Showcase (Spring semester only). 

    The OHSE supports COF scholars to build a strong sense of community through activities such as mentoring, tutoring, outreach, and help them strengthen their connection with faculty, staff, and other students during their undergraduate career. COF scholars are expected to create an account with Career Services (Handshake) by the end of their first semester and attend Career Services events hosted by The Ohio State University. Click here to access exciting tools and opportunities for COF scholars.

    There are five steps for renewing the IBE-Engineering COF scholarship: 

    • GPA review. 
      • Must maintain a 3.00 GPA or higher.  
    • Service hour review. 
      • Must complete 45 hours per semester of service (2-3 hours per week). 
    • ScholarshipUniverse.
      • Complete the OSU Scholarship Application.
      • Complete the College of Engineering General Scholarship Application (if applicable). 
    • Complete the End of the Year survey. 
      • Activity and program review. 
    • Complete the Statement of Intent form. 
      • Acknowledge and accept scholar expectation for the academic year.